INTRODUCING: A FREE Guided Video Spiritual Process
this includes a powerful spiritual process to assist you in 'Making NEW soul Agreements for loving relationships,
vital health & youthfulness,
living on purpose'
In this Free Guided Spiritual Process Video you will:

Learn how to access your "I Am Line" - your connection to the Higher Self.

Experience an energetic healing that will clear some old agreements that no longer serve you, and give you the opportunity to make new agreements that will be more in alignment with your Higher Self.

Make new spiritual agreements for Oneness, Divine Support as Resources, such as money, people, and opportunities.

Make new agreements in how to do healthy relationship.  You will be in alignment with greater LOVE and be more fully available for greater loving relationships!

Make new agreements for greater youthfulness, aging, health.

Make new agreements for living your authentic life in Divine Purpose!
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My emphasis in working with you is on your internal life (mental, emotional, spiritual) in order to have changes your physical life. If the inner world is in order, the external will be in order. We work on clearing the unconscious beliefs that have been blocking you and help you align with your own Higher Self in a deep and meaningful way.
What People Are Saying:
"...Now my life is full of endless possibilities!"
“I am so blessed to know Dr. Janette Freeman and meet with her for spiritual life coaching. She has guided me in removing some emotional blocks that were preventing me from fully loving my Divine Self. Through meeting with her regularly, I am learning to discover the true joy of living a healthy, fulfilled, meaningful life. I now see my life as being full of endless possibilities!
Anne - Tustin, CA
"In my very first session, I became clear and she was able to help me dissolve blocks!"
I highly recommend private sessions with Dr. Janette for spiritual counseling. The questions she asks, and the clearing techniques are on a spiritual, practical and vibrational level that I had not experienced before. She is led by the Spirit and lovingly assists in bringing clarity. Personally, my very first session, I became clear and she was able to help me dissolve blocks that I was unaware of before my session. In conjunction with her classes, this is a way of going both deeper and higher, speeding up my growth process! From my heart, I am thankful for the decades of training she has done and that I get to be a recipient of all she has learned in order for me to expand and receive all that God has for me. Thank you Dr. Janette, you are a true blessing and a private session with you – priceless! 
Cathy  - Irvine, CA
"She's filled with such love and compassion"
Janette’s style of coaching is filled with such love and compassion. She shares her unwavering belief in knowing and loving your inner power. It’s there, but I just had lost touch with it for years! She holds a vision for you that you are perfect, healed, whole and complete just as you are. I have learned the importance of of repeating daily affirmations, and daily meditation to create and align with powerful intentions Through my work with Janette I have gained a fresh perspective on my life and learned to listen to my inner voice and live life in full consciousness. I am realizing my true nature and loving it for the first time in a very long time. What an honor to work with such grace and wisdom! Thank you Janette!
Debra - Fresno, CA
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