My emphasis in working with you is on your internal life (mental, emotional, spiritual) in order to have changes your physical life. If the inner world is in order, the external will be in order.
 We work at the spiritual level first to help you get aligned clearly.  Working at the level of the Higher Self, we work on clearing the unconscious beliefs that have been blocking you and help you align with your own inner Divine power in a deep and meaningful way.
I use spiritual healing and energy work as well as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP,) Time Line Therapy and hypnosis.
Clear past negative emotions that have been unconsciously blocking you, such as ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT & GUILT.
Discover limiting decisions and beliefs that have been blocking you and shift those so that you are firing on all cylinders.
Heal and integrate the conflicting parts within you so that all parts of you are working together purposefully toward your goals and ambitions.
Continual support and encouragement and clearing along the journey.
I find it a deep honor to be able to work with you using powerful change technologies to create results in your life.” – Dr. Janette Freeman
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